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Report a Campus Crime

Get to a Safe Place

If possible, get to a well-lit, populated area to prevent further escalation, remain there until help arrives.

Call 911 and Follow Instructions

Call 911 immediately, the 911 dispatcher will talk you through a course of action until police or emergency personnel arrive. Follow up with Campus Safety.

Make a List of Stolen Property

Make a list of stolen property, including a description of each item, and give it to law enforcement. This record helps police and security officers identify recovered property.

Get Medical Attention

Victims of violent crimes should seek medical attention at the nearest hospital as soon as possible. If you’ve been exposed to violence, you may experience shock and not fully understand the physical or psychological damage that’s been caused.

Meet With the College

Students should meet with school officials and report any crimes that occur on campus. In addition to preventing the perpetrator from repeating the crime, SUNY Schenectady can offer services to help victims, including counseling and agency referrals.

Seek Counseling

Victims of a campus crime should seek counseling. In many cases, the long-term emotional scars outweigh the physical trauma. SUNY Schenectady offers free, confidential counseling services.