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Safety Tips for New Students

Eric Fluty, Dr. Steady Moono, and Joe Glasser standing in Elston Hall.Personal Safety Begins with Common Sense and with Knowing the Campus.

College rules, regulations, policies and procedures can be found in the Student Handbook.

The SUNY Schenectady Annual Security Report can be found on the U.S. Department of Education's Campus Safety and Security website.

Campus Safety is a Community Responsibility.

If You See Something, Say Something.

If the event is an immediate life and death emergency immediately call 9-1-1 and follow the operator’s instructions.

From a SUNY Schenectady phone Dial 8, wait for dial tone, then call 9-1-1.

Contact SUNY Schenectady Security: Key in 5555 from an on-campus phone or call 518-381-1308 from a off-campus or cell phone. The call is sent to the Main Security Desk in Elston Hall (near Student Center and cafeteria).

Red & Blue Phones are strategically located around campus.

  • Pick up the nearest red phone – no need to dial.
  • Outside buildings of main campus, pick up a blue light phone and speak.

Keep your next of kin information current so we can contact family or friends if needed.

Security Staff and Equipment

  • In addition to the Director of Campus Safety, SUNY Schenectady has a contract security company which provides: a site supervisor, shift supervisors and a staff security officers
  • Security cameras help to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment and help the Safety Office better respond to incidents
  • SUNY Schenectady works closely with local police agencies and emergency responders to ensure a safe college
  • Security access doors are used to limit access to areas of the college, as appropriate
  • Your ID card is your key to accessing the secured areas

How to Spot and Opioid Overdose and Use Naloxone (Narcan)

View a video from the New York State Department of Health about how to administer Narcan

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • AEDs are located through the main campus and all the satellite campuses.
  • Many buildings have multiple AED locations.
  • All Security Officers are certified in CPR/AED and Community First Aid.
  • Many SUNY Schenectady staff are also certified in CPR/AED.
  • Anyone who is certified in CPR/AED may use the AEDs in an emergency.
  • Please take notice of where the nearest AED is located.
    • Elston Hall
        • 1st Floor – Welcome Center Lobby & Hallway Outside Elston 152
        • 2nd – 5th Floors – Hallway Outside Women’s Restroom
    • Stockade Hall
        • 1st floor in hallway outside Stockade 101
    • Begley Building
        • 1st floor in Begley Lobby
    • CST Building
        • 1st Floor lobby near elevator
    • School of Music
        • In hallway outside Room 105
    • Gateway Building
        • Lobby entrance
    • Center City
        • On wall outside Security Office
    • Kindl Building
        • In hallway outside Room 103

Mass Emergency Notifications

  • Notifications will appear on SUNY Schenectady computer monitors, your e-mail, and your cell phone as text message and a voice call.
  • The notifications will also appear on the College's Twitter, Facebook, and web site. BUT…you MUST keep your e-mail addresses and phone numbers up to date
  • School closings due to weather will NOT be made on this system.

Fire Alarms

  • SUNY Schenectady is strictly monitored by the NYS Fire Inspector for fire safety compliance; fire drills are conducted throughout the school year in accordance with NYS Fire Safety code.
  • Evacuate building using designated evacuation routes (posted in each classroom) when you hear the alarm and see the lights flash.
  • Close the classroom doors when leaving.
  • Evacuate in orderly fashion.
  • Report to Security if anyone is injured or unable to evacuate due to medical condition or otherwise.

Outdoor Emergency Phone Locations

  • Main Parking Lot near Casola Entrance
  • Main Parking Lot near Quad/Begley Building
  • Main Parking Lot on Begley Building Wall
  • Main Parking Lot between Gateway and Begley Buildings
  • Main Parking Lot next to Gateway Building Entrance
  • West Lot near the Loop Road
  • School of Music Parking Lot
  • CST Building Parking Lot
  • Elston Hall Loading Dock