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Campus Resources


All campus buildings offer accessible restroom facilities. For your privacy and comfort, single-stall, gender neutral restrooms can be found at the following locations: 

Elston Hall

  • Mezzanine level, across from the SUNY Foundation office
  • 2nd floor, between the Women’s and Men’s restrooms near Elevator 5
  • 3rd floor, between the Women’s and Men’s restrooms near Elevator 5 
  • 6th floor, beside the Biotech Lab Prep Room (Elston 623) 

Computer, Science and Technology Building  

  • Ground floor near the elevator 

Begley Building 

  • 1st floor, to the left of the Begley Auditorium 

SUNY Schenectady is committed to supporting its employees and students who pump or breastfeed. We’ve adopted a policy in support of these members of our campus community, and a nursing pod can be found in the passage between the Begley Building and the School of Music. 

The SUNY Schenectady Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room (Elston 522) is a safe place for students and employees to engage in personal prayer, meditation, and religious observances while on campus. 

The Wellness Lounge on the 4th floor of Elston Hall (near Elston 423) is a quiet space to sit, relax, meditate, read, or quietly do homework. 


The College offers two on-campus childcare options: the SUNY Schenectady Integrated Laboratory Preschool and the YWCA Children’s Center. The YWCA Children's Center accepts infants through age 5, and the Integrated Laboratory Preschool accepts 3 and 4 year olds. For more information, please visit the Childcare on Campus webpage.  

The SUNY Schenectady Food Pantry provides temporary supplemental food relief and household items to SUNY Schenectady students at no cost. We aim to alleviate hunger within our student community and to reduce the impact that food insecurity has on the academic success of our students. We also provide community referrals to assist with meeting other unmet basic needs. For more information, please visit our Food Pantry webpage.  

Wellness and Support Services includes the Food Pantry, Counseling, and the Resource Hub. All of our program are designed to facilitate personal and academic success. For more information, please visit our Wellness and Support Services webpage.

The Office of ADA Transition Services uses a collaborative model to develop accommodations and learning strategies for students with permanent and temporary disabilities. We coordinate resources and create partnerships to foster an inclusive environment that is accessible and welcoming for all. For more information, please visit our Disability Resources webpage. 

SUNY Schenectady offers a variety of student clubs to help foster community and belonging. Some of our student clubs include: 

  • ALANA – African American Latinx Asian Native American Coalition 
  • Educational Opportunity Club
  • English Language Learners and International Students Club
  • Muslim Student Association
  • PRIDE Alliance
  • Student Volunteer Organization (SVO) 

To learn more about student clubs or forming a new club, please visit the Clubs and Organizations webpage. 

At SUNY Schenectady, we encourage every employee to embark on their own DEI journey in their respective role and department, but we also offer the following service opportunities to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within our college community: 

  • Student club advisor or co-advisor
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee of the Academic Senate
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professional Development Initiative
  • Many Voices, One Call podcast
  • Volunteer at the College’s Food Pantry