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Paralegal A.A.S.

SUNY Schenectady’s Paralegal two-year A.A.S. program is designed for students who want to enter the workforce upon completion of an applied program of study or transfer to four-year pre-law or liberal arts programs.

Nearly two-thirds of the required courses for this program are in core legal specialties subjects, which provide students with a broad academic background in law.

The program prepares graduates for careers as paralegals in law firms, banking and corporate legal offices, non-profits, county clerk’s offices, and the judicial system.

The faculty are all former or current practicing attorneys.

Eligible SUNY Schenectady Paralegal majors may enhance their classroom experience by completing 135 hours of field work in a supervised professional setting by enrolling in PAL 250, Paralegal Internship.

The program prepares graduates to:

Function as an ethical member of a legal team by:

  • Understanding and avoiding the unauthorized practice of law
  • Establishing a career founded on legal best practices
  • Applying established paralegal ethics in your everyday work life

Exhibit professional paralegal skills and abilities by:

  • Conducting proficiency legal research using both traditional and technological methods
  • Formatting and filing legal documents, constructing legal briefs, and preparing legal submissions
  • Preparing all written material competently and clearly

 Demonstrate an understanding of substantive and procedural law by:

  • Preparing legal memorandum for both civil and criminal matters
  • Filing legal documents with the proper courts
  • Adhering to litigation deadlines and following proper civil and criminal rules of procedure
  • Diligently assist with representing clients and billing for services fairly

To ensure the integrity and continuity of the SUNY Schenectady Paralegal program and to comply with external accreditation policies, no more than three (3) legal specialty (PAL) courses may be granted credit by transfer or by alternative credit sources. No transfer credit may be granted for Courts and Litigation (PAL 114) except from an appropriate New York State institution.

Although legal assistants or paralegals are qualified by education, training or work experience to assist a lawyer in the performance of specifically delegated legal work, they are cautioned not to engage in the unlicensed practice of law.

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