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SUNY Delhi Partnership

Our partnership with SUNY Delhi enables students to pursue their bachelor’s degree right here on the SUNY Schenectady campus or fully online. This program enables students to be matriculated directly through SUNY Delhi, with courses taught by faculty from the main campus as well as by joint faculty members from both institutions. Additionally, alumni from corresponding SUNY Schenectady associate degree programs are afforded the opportunity to begin the program with full junior status.

If you have questions or would like additional information, call the SUNY Delhi Admissions Office at 607-746-4550 or email


• Business and Technology Management B.B.A.
• Criminal Justice B.S.


Business and Technology Managment B.B.A.

The program prepares students to understand traditional business topics like project management, law, and finance, while also learning to apply information technology solutions to support the goals of any organization. Graduates attain the budgeting, management, communications, and leadership skills needed to be effective in today's global business setting and find employment with a wide variety of positions in IT management and in business areas such as operations, marketing, human resources and finance.

There are two tracks offered:

Business Management track

This track focuses on essential business courses such as accounting, management theory, marketing, ethics, and supply chain management. Electives allow you to take additional courses in your specific area of interest.

Information Technology track

This track allows you to specialize in information technology topics like programming, networking, systems analysis, and communications. Classes focus on combining business and technology knowledge, allowing you to bridge the gap between management and tech experts.


Criminal Justice B.S.

Under the leadership of Dr. Patricia DeAngelis, former District Attorney for Rensselaer County, the Criminal Justice Studies baccalaureate program combines theory with experiential learning. The program is designed so that successful students will have the strong academic foundation that is needed to pursue a variety of career options in criminal justice. Program coursework covers topics in administration of justice, corrections, law adjudication, criminology theory, law enforcement, research and analytical methods. The program will focus on students who seek careers as police officers and investigators, as well as juvenile justice, probation or corrections officers, and those interested in other work within the justice system. Students will receive appropriate grounding in the social sciences and criminal justice fields needed for professional careers. Students entering the program with an associate degree in Criminal Justice or a related field will experience a seamless transfer into the program.