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CHS Faculty Resources

Instructor Responsibilities and Professional Development

Administrators and Instructors are responsible for the review of this information prior to the start of each academic year. New instructors should review all included information upon receiving approval to teach a CHS course.

*It is the district and instructor responsibility to communicate and disseminate updated CHS information found on the main page of this site, including but not limited to Dates and Deadlines, Registration Information, and other SUNY Schenectady policies outlined below.

Faculty Access &  Login Assistance

Faculty Access

Please contact IT if you need assistance logging in or need to reset your information.


Course Offerings

Submit Your Course Offerings Here

Click file and DOWNLOAD to use the following Course Offerings Template to add your course offerings all at the same time.

  • SAVE AS the FILE to rename to School District Name with current Academic Year
  • Please fill in all highlighted fields of the spreadsheet.
  • Edits and changes will require a new form submission.
  • Credit course cost for 2023-2024 is $67.

Course Syllabi

Submit Your Syllabus Here

Course Syllabi should be submitted for each course offered, each academic term. Even if you submitted a course syllabus previously, you must resubmit.

Please follow the Syllabus Template so all CHS Syllabi are consistent with what is required at the College, so Deans are able to easily review, and course information is consistent with SUNY Schenectady transcripts. If your current syllabus does not follow this template, please revise.


Instructor and Course Request Forms

CHS New Course Request Form

CHS New Instructor Request Form

  • Graduate level transcript (must show 18 credits in content area for approval)
  • Bachelor level transcript
  • Updated resume
  • 2 letters of recommendation

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