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Megan E. Cassidy Hall

Associate Professor

Elston Hall, Room 205

M.A., English, State University of New York at Brockport
B.A., Theology, Concordia River Forest

Megan is originally from Lockport, NY. She teaches literature, composition, and developmental reading and writing. Her research interests include American literature, children’s literature, young adult literature, and the intersections between literature and popular culture. Megan is also interested in creative writing, particularly writing for children and young adults. Her first novel, Always Jessie will soon be published by Saguaro Books. When not reading, writing, or teaching, Megan enjoys belly dancing, kayaking, cycling, painting, singing, and talking about herself in the third person. 

Recent Creative/Scholarly Work/Publications

Cassidy, Megan.  Always Jessie:  A Novel.  Fountain Hills:  Saguaro Books. (Forthcoming).

Cassidy, Megan.  “Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Dilemma of Unreliable Narration in Popular Fiction.” Southwest Popular/ American Culture Association’s Conference on “Many Faces, Many Voices,” February 2015.

Cassidy, Megan.  “Belly Dancing and the Art of Healing.”  The Gilded Serpent Journal.  (2016):  n. pag.  Web.   Spring 2016.

Cassidy, Megan.  “The Thanksgiving of the Purple Gravy.”  Pilcrow & Dagger 2.1(2016):  63-71.  Print.  15 January 2016.

Grant:  “Expanding Your Global Coverage Award.”  Southeast Asia Program’s Outreach Office at Cornell University and the Center for Khmer Studies, October 2014.

Grant:  “Community Fellows Grant.” AmeriCorps, May 2012.