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Lorena B. Harris, Ph.D.

Lorena Harris, Ph.D.

CSTEP and LSAMP Director

CST, Room 304-5

Ph.D., Biological Sciences and Molecular Biology, Bowling Green State University
B.S., Biology, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela

Dr. Lorena Harris is the Director of the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) and LSAMP program in the Math, Science, Technology and Health Division at SUNY Schenectady County Community College. She is also an Educator and MSTH Faculty member teaching Intro to Human Nutrition. Lorena first joined SUNY Schenectady in 2012 as the Coordinator of the Spanish Lab and was a participant in the Internship Program for the Development of Minority Faculty, after a year teaching in the Boston Area, and two years as NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at University of South Florida.

Recent Work

Microbes of the Vale: A biochemical, microbial, and molecular biology analysis of water microbes from the Vale reservoir.
Using Molecular Biology techniques to determine if specific genetic mutations or epigenetic changes have taken place since the last data collection and if the changes have had an effect on the ecosystem. This research project has been possible to the support of NYSED Grant Funded Program CSTEP and NSF Grant SUNY LSAMP.