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Yield: 24 portions


Pistachio Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream

Whipped Cream:

454g Heavy cream
175g Sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
15g candied orange peel; finely chopped
15g candied cherries; chopped

Prepare the whipped cream and keep chilled.

To build:

Soften the chocolate ice cream for 5-10 minutes prior to beginning the build.

Using the oval Lexan mold, spread enough chocolate ice cream on the bottom of the mold about 1/3 of the way up. Lay a piece of plastic wrap over the plunger and press gently to even out the ice cream. Return to the freezer for 10 minutes and repeat with the pistachio ice cream. Chill once again, and then top with the whipped cream. Re-freeze immediately. After 15 minutes; wrap with plastic.

To serve:

Remove from the freezer, remove plastic wrap, turn upside down on a clean cutting board; remove bowl and under layer of plastic wrap. With a large French knife dipped in hot water, cut into 12 equal portions.