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Club Guide

Starting a New Club or Organization at SUNY Schenectady

Students desiring to form a chartered club or organization must submit (in duplicate) to the Vice President of Student Affairs and the Student Government Association President (who will, in turn, provide this information to the Student Government Association’s Constitution and Judicial Committee and the Budget and Finance Committee) the following items:

  1. A prepared Constitution which includes a statement of the purpose and mission of the club/organization, membership and meeting information. Sample constitutions are available in the Student Affairs Office.
  2. A statement from a member of the College’s full-time faculty agreeing to volunteer and act as the club/organization Advisor.
  3. A detailed account of proposed and planned activities indicating cultural, civic and college interests.
  4. A list of signatures of currently enrolled students who are proposing to be members of the proposed club/organization.
  5. Only Student Government Association members (students who have paid the SUNY Schenectady Student Activity Fee) may be eligible to join chartered clubs and organizations.
  6. There are requirements of students holding an office in a recognized club or organization. To be eligible to be an officer in a Student Government Association club or organization, a student must:
    • Be a full-time student as defined by SUNY Schenectady County Community College.
    • Maintain an academic cumulative average of at least 2.0. If any officer fails to achieve a 2.0 cumulative average, the student will be ineligible to serve his/her present office position within the club/organization. The student will still be eligible for membership in the club or organization, but cannot serve in a leader/officer role.
  7. The Student Affair Office is responsible for notifying the Student Government Association Executive Board and the organization's faculty advisor in writing of the student's ineligibility. Continued participation as an officer of the club or organization shall result in disciplinary action by the Student Government.