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Placement Testing

Congratulations on your acceptance to SUNY Schenectady! We are excited to have you start your journey with us.

I’ve been accepted! What do I do next?

Some students will require a placement exam to decide which courses are the best option for them. If you need to take the placement exam, you will be notified by an Academic Advisor. Once notified, please contact the Testing Center for an appointment and review the helpful information below!

What is the test like?

  • There is an English section with two parts.
  • It’s a computerized, multiple choice exam.
  • It’s not timed and not pass/fail, but it does determine which English courses you’ll take, so take your time.

Can I study for the placement exam?

  • Sample questions can be viewed by clicking these document links: Writing, Reading. The answer keys and explanations are at the end of each document so you can check your responses
  • You can also download a free study app if you prefer to review that way. For desktop or mobile users, please download the app, create an account, and get started!

What do I do if I have a disability and need accommodations for testing?

Please contact the Office of ADA Transition Services to set-up an appointment with Susanna Adams, Coordinator of ADA Transition Services. You will need to register your accommodations with SUNY Schenectady before you are able to take your placement exam if you’d like to use your accommodations for the test.

Susanna Adams
ADA Transition Services
Elston Hall, Room 222H